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Foodservice Disposables

A wide range of products that include flexible PVC films, rigid bakery and deli/microwaveable containers, dual-ovenable containers, and case ready packaging. 


  1. Full line of high quality products include plastic cups, bowls, containers, lids and trays that predominately service the beverage and deli foodservice niche.
  2. One of the largest converters of non-woven wipers in North America. We offer a complete line of disposable wipers, textiles and sorbents targeted to foodservice, healthcare, hospitality and the workplace markets 
  3. Proud maker of Chinet tableware, paper cups & food containers, molded fiber drink carriers, cafeteria trays food and beverage trays,  serviceware plates, bowls &  trays, plastic promotional cups & lids.  
  4. Full line of Plastic Cutlery, Dinner Kits, Custom Kits, Dietary Kits, Coffee Kits, Accessories and Condiments & Earth Friendly Items
  5. Complete line of butcher & deli wraps, bakery papers, bread & greaseproof paper bags and, foil lined food bags.
  6. Full line of paper catering and deli trays, sheet cake pans, take and bake pizza trays, retail serving platters, etc.
  7. Full line of paper board packaging and food trays


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